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About us

We are a young and growing digital media agency that designs, develops and deploys cutting edge solutions for our clients across Europe and the Middle East. We specialise in developing Fintech and Regtech solutions using our expertise in mobile applications, web development, and cloud infrastructure management. We have an experienced yet agile in-house team of solution architects, designers, developers and infrastructure engineers who work hand in hand with our clients to achieve their business objectives through sleek and easy to use digital solutions.



Our experts work closely with banks, other financial institutions, and start ups to create unique fintech products that cater for the business goals and requirements of the client and the needs and habits of the customer. Our apps are inclusive of all services, simple to use, and most importantly scalable. Our security experts and QA team ensure, that in line with each organisation’s security requirements and local regulations that the app has the most up to date encryption to secure and protect sensitive data.


We provide tailored services that design, develop and deploy specifically designed and verified regtech products like WPS (wage protection system) that is customised to fit the distinct needs of each client and the country they operate in. Our team works alongside the client from the beginning of the design process to create powerful and effective digital solutions. Our solutions are elegant, transparent, and simple to use and hassle free. More importantly, they comply fully with local and global regulations.

Mobile Platform Development

Our team of dedicated developers can help you grow and develop your brand with an intuitive and creative app ready for use on all major mobile platforms. While you will create the concept behind the app, we provide a complete focus on the user-experience and the infrastructure that supports it. As well as needing to look good, we know that the mobile app we create for you needs to be: simple, fast and reliable. Our experts analyse your business requirements, and insights from our research and design phase and use them to create effective solutions. The result is great apps that are client driven, and more importantly customer/user centric.

Enterprise Application Development

Our team are also capable of delivering great web based enterprise app. Our experts work hand in hand with clients to flesh out ideas, and analyse insights from our research and design phase and use them to create effective solutions. The result is great client-centric software that helps make your daily operations simple, easy and hassle free.


Our team of network engineers have broad experience with a range of different tools that will assist you in managing your digital networks and infrastructure to ensure that everything works just as it should . We also help our clients to migrate their services to a private or public cloud such as Amazon Web Services, Office365, or Microsoft Azure. We provide post migration support & maintenance on each cloud platform.


You are only as strong as your weakest link. Our QA services will help eradicate errors big or small and ensure that each product is well built and effective in tackling the problem it was designed to solve. Our team can also help you improve your products and and improve your processes utilising years of expertise, ingenuity, and smart analytical skills.


Office 79, 1st floor, koh-e-Noor One Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan